May 9, 2008

40 Things a Woman Must Know to Be an Effective Woman

  1. How to ask for what you want
  2. How to host a small dinner party
  3. How to make sangria, a margarita, and a martini
  4. How to make macaroni and cheese from scratch
  5. How to fold at least one origami character or a paper airplane
  6. How to figure out your correct bra size
  7. How to make a preschool child laugh
  8. How to make a definitive decision and then not look back
  9. How to sing at least one lullaby
  10. How to make scrambled eggs
  11. How to make chicken soup from scratch
  12. How to braid hair
  13. How to hang out with a gang of guys at a sporting event
  14. How to write a thank-you note
  15. How to write a letter of complaint
  16. How to sell yourself to an employer—either for a raise or a job
  17. How to tell a few jokes in mixed company
  18. How to play Go Fish, Crazy 8, and Jin Rummy
  19. How to do the three most important yoga asanas: forward fold, downward dog, and shoulder stand
  20. How to compose a good photograph of people
  21. How to say please and thank you graciously
  22. How to choose your best colors to wear
  23. How to pick shoes that are both comfortable and flattering
  24. How to handle your hair so that it looks fine without excessive styling
  25. How to be a loyal girlfriend
  26. How not to criticize your partner
  27. How to choose the right screwdriver and use it effectively
  28. How to swim and have fun in the water, unselfconsciously
  29. How to invest your money safely and wisely
  30. How to be a good daughter
  31. How to love yourself first before seeking any partner at all
  32. How to distinguish a cad who will treat you badly from a nurturing partner and stick with the nurturing partner
  33. How to give pleasure to your partner and receive pleasure without guilt
  34. How to read other people's emotions
  35. How to be a good listener
  36. How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and STDs
  37. How to avoid negative people and make positive ones your friends
  38. How to travel alone safely
  39. How to choose healthy foods and enjoy eating them
  40. How to respect your ideas and make them happen
  41. How to laugh unselfconsciously

Notice I didn't have any entries about make-up. I am unconvinced that make-up is in any way essential to being an effective woman. The key is effective, not self-conscious or self-obsessed.

What would you add or remove from this list?

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