May 15, 2008

Congratulations to Gay Couples in California on a Hard-fought Victory!

In a monumental victory for the gay rights movement, the California Supreme Court overturned a voter-approved ban on gay marriage Thursday in a ruling that would allow same-sex couples in the nation's biggest state to tie the knot,” AP reports.

As anyone who has a serious, committed gay relationship knows, being a domestic partner and being married are as different as the turtle and the moon (tsuki to suppon, in Japanese). Married couples have enormous benefits and advantages of all kinds. And marriage bestows a kiss of solidity from communities as well.

Shown on the sign these couples are carrying,

With marriage rights comes equal:

· Health benefits for our partners and families in many jobs

· Visitation rights when our partners are hospitalized

· Immigration rights for lesbian and gay partners who are foreign nationals

· Adoption rights and foster parent rights

· Social security and pension survivors benefits

· Respect for our relationships!

Hopefully, California will lead the way for other states to rethink their gay marriage bans. Marriage is good for couples, for cities, and for families. Congratulations, Californians, and have a hopeful heart, residents of other states who don't yet have the same privilege.

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