Jun 11, 2008

Panty Power: Use Your Underwear to Fight for Peace in Myanmar!

Readers: I sent my little pack o' panties to the New York State Embassy of Myanmar today. Three undies I no longer needed went to help shame the Myanmar regime into changing their ways. I hope this grosses them out and brings them bad, bad juju. The postage cost a mere $1.86.

Questions: How do you scare the bejesus out of the Myanmar (Burma) regime?

Answer: Send them your panties!

You got that right. A new movement is underway to protest for peace and regime change in Myanmar and the methodology, while a tad unorthodox on the surface, apparently has substance to it.

The Panties for Peace campaign plays on the regime leaders’ superstitious fear that contact with a woman’s underpants will rob them of their power. Women around the world are asked to post their panties to local Burmese embassies in a bid to strip the regime of its power and bring an end to its gross violations of human rights, especially those committed against Burma’s women.

The leaders of the Myanmar military regime are male and superstitious. They fear any contact with female undergarments will sap power from them, effectively, emasculating them. (I am NOT making this up.)

To send a loud message to a regime that has murdered thousands of its people, enslaved countless others, subjugates its people by the most humiliating means, and has allowed many thousands of others to be displaced and suffer and die as a result of neglect after cyclone Nargis, well, just pop your panties in an envelope and address them to any Myanmar embassy.
Take THAT, Myanmar government—one leg-hole at a time!

Here are the addresses to send your panties to in the US:

United States

New York
U Linn Myaing, Ambassador Extraordinary & U Aung Linn Htut, Counsellor
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
2300 S St. N.W. Washington D.C 20008

Tel: +001 202 332-9044 / +001 202 332-9049, 332-9045
Fax: +001 202 332-9046
E-Mail: thuriya@aol.com

U Kyaw Tint Swe, Permanent Representative & U Kyi Tun, Deputy Head of Mission
Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations
10 East 77TH St. N. Y 10021

Tel: +001 212 535-1310 / +001 212 535-1311
Fax: +001 212 737-2421
E-Mail: myanmar@un.int

Or, a more organized effort is working in Canada, and you can actually register your panties here.

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