Jun 16, 2008

Fund-raising Birthday Party: Help Charity Instead of Adding to the Landfill

This past Saturday, we threw a birthday party for our five-year-old daughter, Jaclyn. In lieu of presents, Jaclyn agreed to let us take up donations for Defenders of Wildlife to support the animals who need help. We made a lavish feast, had a wonderful, lively clown, and about 15 ecstatic children at our humble party. Fun was had by all.

We set up a display on the buffet with a piggy bank for donations. We put the piggy bank on a fleece Defenders of Wildlife throw, along with a copy of the Defenders magazine and a lovely wolf print. We made a sign that read, “Thank you for your donation to Defenders of Wildlife in Jaclyn’s honor.” Today we counted the take, and we raised $130 for Defenders! (And thankfully, have no kid’s toys that will eventually wind up in a landfill.)

We received a lot of genuine support from our guests who said they loved the idea of a fund-raiser instead of the usual gift-giving melee at children’s parties. Maybe we can make this an annual event? And we’d like to spread the word to other parents that this can be a good option. Gift-free parties! Helping great causes! Hurray!

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