Jun 29, 2008

It's a can! It's a car! It's Ozkan Koral's Incredible Rolling Vehicle. Wanna Ride?

Leave it to a young industrial designer from Turkey to come up with a concept for a car that's so outta the box, it's unaware there ever was a box. Meet Ozkan Koral, a 2006 graduate of Middle East Technical University School of Industrial Design. He's done a motorcycle. A hair dryer (at least I think that's what it is--but certainly, it's a work of art), an all-ceramic washbasin (no metal), an SUV dashboard, and this mind-blowing concept car for Peugeot.

The images above show the car, dubbed the "Ozone," without the windshield/ windows. The image below shows the car with the shields up, but translucent. Another option is to make the shields opaque. You enter the Ozone via the “doors” inside each wheel. You slide into the body of the car, which, like the middle of a Segway, stays aligned perpendicular to the ground as the wheels rotate around it. The Ozone is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, so is energy efficient and has zero emissions.

Here's what Mr. Koral says about the car:

Ozone is a concept future vehicle I designed for Peugeot design contest . The concept was based on the words; ecological, lively, simple, accessible and pleasurable. The huge wheels of Ozone are controlled by two separate electric motors, each powered by fuel cells. Ozone has semi-transparent glass. It offers a great interior volume and exterior view. Huge glass doors slides 360 degrees into its symmetrical metal body.

And, might I add, Mr. Koral, it’s simply breathtaking. When I saw his design and imagined myself inside it, I called in my five-year-old girl and said, “Jaclyn. When you are old enough to drive, this is what you will be driving.” Her response? “Cool.

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