Jul 25, 2008

Kucinich, the Rock Star of Progressive Politics, Testifies in Bush Impeachment Hearings

When Nancy Pelosi adamantly declared, shortly after taking the helm of Speaker of the House, that impeachment was, at hem, off the table, I wanted to smack her. Was it a deal she worked out with the current administration? Wasn't she in a position of power already thanks to the electorate and therefore without need of concessions to the crumbling Neo-Con dynastic order?

But gradually, stalwart foes of the status quo appeared, despite Pelosi's Bush-soothing statement. Russ Feingold wrote a fine piece for Daily Kos entitled, The Question of Impeachment. John Conyers, who together with his staff, developed the bible on impeachable offenses committed by Bush/Cheney at al., called The Constitution in Crisis. Or what about Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who started off with articles of impeachment for Cheney (judging accurately that it wouldn't do much good to take out the puppet without the puppeteer) first, and now is loading a stone into the leather slingshot he made and taking aim at Bush? Today, Kucinich testifies before the House Judiciary Committee ("Hello, Conyers, How's it goin'?").

From the AP article,

Kucinich got a rock star welcome of whistles, hoots and clapping as he walked into the hearing room, holding hands with his wife, from hundreds of anti-war, anti-Bush people crammed into the room and lining the hallways outside. T-shirts reading "Arrest Bush" and "Veterans for Impeachment" illustrated the sentiments of many.

To say the efforts of the Three Impeach-keteers (Feingold/Conyers/Kucinich) have been met with less than enthusiastic responses up until now is an understatement. More like rolled eyes and heavy sighs from both sides of the aisle. Somehow, despite the heady dose of likely the most extremely impeachable offenses in the history of the U.S., no one other than the Impeach-keteers seems to be able to get it up to hoist a musket. As though having only a few more months in office is an excuse to allow the continued perversion of justice.

Said George Mason University School of Law professor Jeremy Rabkin,

"The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented. You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is not necessarily in this same bubble in which people think it is reasonable to describe the president as if he were Caligula."

Actually, the comparison to Caligula sounds about right to me, albeit Bush is a dumber version who feels that he was called by God to do what he has done (Calligula thought he was a god).

Anyway, I will express my gratitude, once again. Thank you, Kucinich. And please, for your part, dear reader, blog about and create a buzz about this latest piece of news. Don't let the ho-hum MSM win through apathy once again.

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