Aug 8, 2008

John Edwards Admits to Canoodling: Poor Elizabeth!

Edwards finally admitted to the affair with Rielle Hunter. The schmuck! His beloved wife, who had two of his babies while she was in her 50s--that's TWO--and gave up a bright law career to be his baby mama--dying of breast cancer, and he's off canoodling some dried-up, bleach-at-home scab. I mean, c'mon. When The Enquirer broke the whole story, I tried not to believe it. But then I read, and I realized it was all gonna come back to bite Edwards on the butt. Poor Elizabeth Edwards is all I gotta say. Schmuck!

Guess the equation is:

Charismatic man + power = sex-as-an-addiction. Ack.

In a rare (yes, RARE) gossipy mood, my girlfriend and I speculated why it is that it's often the less-attractive women those charistmatic men go for. Perhaps they are thinking, ew, she REALLY digs me--and she's not going to go rat on me. Something like that. Probably it's even more elemental--the skirt who is most available and most fawning WINS! (Is that fawning or fauning?)

I hate stories like this. Think I'll go troll around for more Olympics opening ceremony leaked videos--before they are pulled.

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