Aug 29, 2008

John McCain Chooses His Dan Quayle: Political Lightweight Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as VP Running Mate

Just goes to show you, the polls rule the politics, the tale wags the dog. With questionable backing from women who might be deluded enough to vote for a candidate from the Grand Old [white, male, middle-aged] Patrician party, John McCain has thrown out a desperate left jab, choosing as his running mate a completely inexperienced (two years as the Alaska state governor--golly, that's somethin'!), political lightweight in Sarah Palin.

If you stack Palin, who is charming, young, and enormously popular in her home state (she decries a woman's right to choose abortion, and is an avid hunter--kind of an Annie Oakley with a little more responsibility) up against Delaware Senator Joe Biden, with his 20-some years of experience in the Senate, with missions to countries all over the globe, as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, it's like putting Evander Holyfield in the ring with PeeWee Herman--ludicrous at best. And there goes McCain's chance to bray on and on about his own experience versus Obama. Kinda pandering to the undecided soccer moms nationwide, huh?

For McCain to have chosen Palin is also demeaning to women of all ilks, especially the likes of Hillary Clinton—as though any token woman would do for an office mere steps from the presidency. Pathetically bad decision-making ability on the part of McCain, in bold type for the world to see. All I can truly say is this will be a feast for the Left and I am looking forward to the carnage.


And by the way, did you hear the Obama speech last night? I cried. I got goosebumps. Except for tripping on the word "inextricably," Obama's impassioned speech was brilliant and rousing in the extreme. He is a rock star and you just can't touch him, GOP party!

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