Aug 22, 2008

Obama's Veep-stakes: Bill Richardson? Wesley Clark?

The political punditry announced last week that the VP running list for Barack Obama had been narrowed down to a carefully pruned four names:

  1. Tim Kaine
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Evan Bayh
  4. Kathleen Sebelius

Now each of them has some aspect that makes them imperfectly desirable:

  1. Tim Kaine—less experienced and less well-known than the other options
  2. Joe Biden—too obvious, too handsome, might outshine the boss, claimed he's "not the guy," although the Prediction Markets have him as the top seller
  3. Evan Bayh—too handsome (hey, I am serious—that can be a political liability, Edwards and Clinton—it was the same in ancient Rome), his wife received almost $1,000,000 worth of payments last year from having questionably served on some corporate boards
  4. Kathleen Sebelius—not as dynamic, nor as well-known as other picks, though an exciting prospect (for us women, anyway), little buzz about her equals slim chances

What if, however, the leak about the four options above were a fake-out? What if the real options have not been revealed? I have long been a fan of Michael Bloomberg as a running-mate, although that's way out of the realm of possibility at this stage. BUT, there are a couple of names who are not only possible, but would make superb and powerful running mates—both for their backgrounds and for the votes they would bring in:

Tumerica’s unrevealed short list:

  1. General Wesley Clark—an impeccable military career, would cause a huge amount of attention to be focused on McCain's unreleased military records and somewhat questionable military career (at least parts of it were), and again, a well-respected heavy-hitter
  2. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico—would haul in the Hispanic vote, represents the western US better than an East-coaster, and again, is a well-respected heavy-hitter

Whom do you want for Obama's VP pick?

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