Aug 1, 2008

Wal-Mart Wants YOU to Vote Republican!

Wal-Mart upper management is making a concerted effort to sway its workforce to vote Republican. Yes, it's true. (And once upon a fairy tail, partisan politics and big business were not in bed with each other.) The argument Wal-Mart is preaching is that, ew, should a Democratic administration—not to name any names—take power, new laws would be enacted that would, heaven forbid!, make it easier for employees to join unions.

Now, what's so evil about unions? Plenty, from Wal-Mart’s greedy, beady eyes. Unions directly steal from their bottom line. Poor leetle gazillionaires. Like I am supposed to be sympathetic for the uber-rich patricians and take food from the proletariat mouths of the low-wage, uninsured masses who have to work at Wal-Mart stores?

So be a good little worker, now, and don't complain about minimum wage jobs, unreported forced overtime hours, lack of health care benefits, rampant sexism, and do support your wealthy overlords by voting Republican, by all means! Meanwhile, let Wal-Mart owners safely go about their business of bankrolling a vast neo-conservative political network.

Well, I have met Sam's son, Robson (current CEO and the world's tenth richest man) and his lovely wife, Melanie Walton (the best beauty money can buy), and despite their family's net worth of over $100 Billion U.S., I found their new estate in Litchfield Park, Arizona, fairly humble. Except for the multi-million dollar antique sports cars on display, that is. Rob races those bad boys for fun, so you know where his heart is when he is not attempting to sway the elections.

To tell you the truth, the Waltons came across as gentle and caring people. I even won a prize during the ensuing party--an insulated rolling cart, which I do use on camping trips and at parties. What was I doing at the Waltons’ house? Attending a casual soiree to thank all those who helped create the estate. My hubby was part of the landscape architecture design team. What does my meeting them have to do with this story? Not much except you truly cannot judge a book by its cover.

Wal-Mart wants you to vote for Arizona’s own John McCain. So who you gonna call? Obama-busters!

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