Sep 4, 2008

It's So Fun Impalin' Palin

Impalin' Palin Nicknames

Impalin' Palin from Across the Pond

Here's what my good blogger friend and fellow chocolate fiend in the UK, Lord Postman Patel, has to say about Palin:

I think the Repug's have made a brilliant pick. For the repugs.

In the US you get a low turnout - my dorter says there were more votes for American Idle than for Georg Idle Bush - which is surprisingly unsurprising. Someone rushed into the oval office and interrupted him colouring in a picture and told him The Russians had invaded Georgia. "The hell they did" says George. "Why I was in Atlanta only last week playing golf"

She will swell the booths with the bible bashing, fundamentalists, gun toting, moose punching, beauty queen lovin' NASCAR rascals and truck drivers, those guys with trailers that move surrounded by cars that don't.

Women who wear their Flo Glo jackets from the road repair team with pride around the house so the kids can keep their distance.

Shrillary and Nancy will be munching their pillows.

I have to say not many folks support my view and think

1. It was a pick made on the hoof

2. She is a cardboard cutout character

3. That nobody but Big John gets to say how the repugs spend squillions of dollars.

4. That . . . well she's not the sort we'd like as a neighbour. Pregnant dorter an all.

Yet she's had 3 Senators locked up . . . one of them even gave himself in!

Impalin' Palin's Pile of Dirt Grows Sky High

  • Waterbreak Gate: After her water broke, Palin finished a speech, flew across the country, drove from Anchorage to Wasilla, and then gave birth in a hospital with no NICU to a premature, special needs baby? I don’t think so.
  • Extra-marital Affair: Palin's alleged affair with a colleague of her husband's
  • Troopergate: Abuse of power by sacking those not supporting Palin
  • Pork Gate: Palin pushes for and wins major earmarks, then later decries same
  • Falsely Beefed up Resume: Zero legislative experience, zero national security experience
  • Pro-Alaska Secession Family: Hubby belonged to it, but did Sarah?
  • Bridge to Nowhere Gate: Palin supported bridge before loudly announcing she opposed it
  • Oilgate: Palin supports drilling and drilling and drilling. Let the polar bears eat cake.

Impalin' Palin Conclusion

Just think, if Palin were running the country, just like she ran Alaska--for all 1.5 years--we'd have enough resources left for, oh, about five years. Shall we say, "Return to the Middle Ages"?

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