Sep 27, 2008

Who Won the Debate? Obama Respectful to McCain, McCain Disses Obama

One of the more interesting commentaries about the first presidential debate, this exchange picks up on John McCain's lack of eye contact (very noticeable during the 90 minutes) and the way McCain seemed to turn a cold shoulder or even diss Obama, who could not be a more worthy opponent. For my part, I noticed more the way Obama did deal well with including and respecting McCain, during even the more heated moments (too few for me). Obama repeated throughout the night, "John is absolutely right about . . . " In fact, I actually wished he'd been more pugnacious toward McCain. But he came off as more of a John Kerry with sharp teeth (and how I loved his pointed rejoinders).

For the next presidential debate, I'd suggest Obama come up with a few choice anecdotes (people love that Reaganesque storytelling shtick), some more sound bites to sprinkle in as a preacher would (we need something repeatable--a chorus, if you will), and a few full-on jabs. Intellectually, though, I couldn't have been more pleased with Obama's performance. He almost needs a little more street-tough and he'll be perfection.

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