Sep 12, 2008

Palin Reveals Her Pale, White, Anti-Gay Underbelly

Does not take much scratching beneath the surface of the smiling beauty queen facade to reveal the Medieval leanings of John McCain's vice presidential running mate. Sarah Dan-Quayle-in-a-Ponytail Palin has plenty of ties and outright and assertions of an anti-gay atitude.

Here's what
On Top Magazine found out about Palin—that she:
  • Does not support hate crime legislation
  • Does not support:spousal benefits for gay couples
  • Attempts to "preserve the definition of marriage as defined in the Constitution"
  • Has links to anti-gay groups, including connections to anti-gay Phyllis Schlafly and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
  • Her church attempts to reform gays, with a God can "transform the lives of those impacted by homosexuality" message, and believes gay people can be made straight via "group discussions, counseling, Bible reading and prayer."

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