Oct 27, 2008

Palin's Buddy and Co-conspirator Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens Guilty on All Counts

40 years in the U.S. Senate could corrupt just about anyone, but in this case the corruptee still insists he is innocent. Alaska GOP Senator Ted Stevens was convicted of all seven corruption charges against him and is now classified as a felon. Despite that, like Florida Rep. Mark Foley (still under "investigation" for child predation, despite being caught in the act) and Idaho Sen. Larry Craig (convicted of sexual solicitation), these gentleman are eligible to simply return to their jobs and get back to work on their projects of defrauding, predating and soliciting. Couldn't there be a law that those who are elected to make the law should abide by it or risk AT LEAST losing their much coveted jobs?

Back to Alaska, Gov. Sarah Palin made her name politically by running Sen. Stevens' 527 corporate fundraising group back in 2005, he did quid pro quo by helping her during her run for governor, and they made a commercial together of his endorsement of her for the 2006 race. She won, in no small part thanks to that endorsement by the granddaddy of Alaska politics, thus swooping her through her whopping 1.5 years of governator experience, making her the "thinnest resume" candidate for Vice President in the history of the United States.

Hopefully, this indictment of Sen. Stevens will throw more ice cold water on an already floundering and sinking Palin campaign (somehow it all seems like Palin's campaign and not the top-of-the-ticket McCain's campaign). Hurray for a little bit of justice, anyway.

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