Feb 27, 2009

ABTFO: End of Iraq War Now Has a Date

President Obama announced a definitive end to the Iraqi combat troops--19 months out. The catch? Residual troop presence--non-combat troops--will still be a whopping 50,000. Am I thrilled? Yes. To have any progress at all and a clear deadline is a good thing. Is it exactly what I was hoping? More immediate withdrawal, small troop presence? Nope. I'll take what I can get, though.

Don't forget the Cost of War (CostofWar.com). $600 Billion U.S. so far. $341 Million a day. Not that on August 31, 2010, U.S. cost will be zero. But the difference between 50K troops and 160K troops is a major reduction in cost. And, at hem, human life cost, which cannot be quantified.

Here's what it looks like in part:

American Military Casualties—4,252 (from AntiWar.com)

American Military Injured—31,089 (from AntiWar.com)

Iraqi Civilian Casualties—90,000 to 99,000 (estimate from IraqBodyCount.org)

Another Beautiful Thing From Obama (ABFTO): his promise to end the war against Iraq kept. Imperfectly, but kept.

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