Feb 17, 2009

ABTFO: Lots of Funding for High-speed Rail in the US

Somehow, long about the time the late Henry Ford was about to redraw the future of the world with his horseless carriages and assembly lines, Ford company patsies were dispatched to decimatd the American rail system. Up until then, the American rail system had been the envy of the world. I'm not making this up. Ford's minions systematically attacked anything to do with trains and railways—to force his competition out of the arena, ensuring the dominance of the solo-powered vehicle. Ford succeeded, and the world moved gleeful toward its doom.

Now, President Obama makes peace by righting some of the wrongs of the past, bill by bill. Tucked into the Stimulus Package is a chunk o' money for high-speed rail--$8 billion now, and perhaps another $1 billion a year for the next five years included in the 2010 budget, to be outlined next week.

Now that rail has lots of money to spend, you'd think that would make our railway future look bright. In fact, the biggest first obstacle is the freight lines that control traffic, especially in the northeast. Surely, this can be overcome.

Once upon a time, FDR helped the railroads; now Obama carries on the legacy, kicked up a few notches.

Another Beautiful Thing From Obama (ABTFO).

[Photo above of a high-speed train in Taiwan]

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