Feb 11, 2009

Another Beautiful Thing from Obama (ABTFO): Homeless Woman Given Home

Yesterday, she was homeless. Today she has a home. Yesterday, she was unknown. Now her name is on the lips of people across the country. Henrietta Hughes. Has a nice ring to it. Ms. Hughes asked President Obama (also has a nice ring to it) for help with her homelessness at a town hall meeting in Florida where Obama was drumming up support for his stimulus package. She and her son, who was a computer programmer, lost their home when the son got laid off. They have been living in their small car and hanging out in parks for "a long time."

Just so happened that the wife of the Florida State Representative, Ms. Chene Thompson, heard Ms. Hughes call for help and offered a solution: her own first home.

See Ms. Hughes pleas here. This made me cry. And another happy ending.

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