Aug 25, 2011

China Marches Forward with Gigantic Military Spending Increase for Third Year in a Row: Does That Sound Comforting to You?

The entire globe is experiencing an economic meltdown, from the super-powers down to the little guys. Suddenly, China announces a double-digit increase in its military spending. Does this sound ominous to anyone besides me? To put it in perspective, China's military spending is still small compared to, um, the U.S. But still. China has been bold about moving rapidly ahead in its defense spending. Perhaps it is playing catch-up with the Western world. Perhaps it has big plans. Perhaps this increase is all part of their economic stimulus package.

Apparently, I am not alone in speculating about this determination on the part of the Chinese. Japan, India, Australia, and Vietnam have all expressed concerns about a more powerful China. Surely Taiwan is quaking in its boots at this development, too.

China to increase defense spending by 12.7 per cent in 2011

China refutes military spending report

China announces double-digit military spending boost, The Guardian, UK

China boosts military spending, Voice of America


明洋论坛 said...

any news?

Carolyn Blount Brodersen said...

Good question! I've been thinking about this lately. Have you heard or ready anything about China's increased military spending or their plans? Let us know!