Mar 28, 2009

Get Krugman on Your Team Already, Obama!

Why on Earth Obama chose Timothy Geithner to be his financial czar/Secretary of the Treasury is beyond belief. The man has no experience. Just because he's young (my age!) doesn't mean he has fresh thinking, like Obama does. Geithner could not see a mountain-sized stinking pile of economic poop before falling in it.

Usually, Obama graciously surrounds himself with the best and brightest. But in choosing Geithner over, say, Dr. Paul Krugman, my personal hero, Progressive economist, brilliant, kick-ass writer, prophet (he foresaw the current economic disaster back in 2005), and unwithering critic of anything that stinks economically, is beyond belief.

Now that the Daschle-style mistake of appointing Geithner has been made, and if "Heckuva job, Geithie," is going to keep his day job, couldn't Obama at least have the wisdom to add Krugman to his team? Krugman should have been the first-round draft pick of any non-Conservative seeking to surround himself with the economic wisdom that exists in the country. Fix it, Obama, FIX IT!

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