Jun 24, 2009

Tumerica's Tightwad Tips for Stretching Your Budget

Food & Kitchen

  • Institute a "beans-and-rice" night once a week. Buy dried beans and rice in bulk. You can vary the beans with spices, fresh garlic, greens, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, ham, bacon, etc.
  • To reuse leftovers for suppers, change the format—roast chicken one night becomes chicken tacos or enchiladas or soup the next night. Otherwise, use leftovers as is for lunches instead of eating out.
  • Instead of buying dishwasher dishwashing liquid (which costs about $6.50 per month--no small expense), use a tiny amount of the liquid dish soap you normally use for hand-washing dishes. The key is TINY amount. For one load, approximately two teaspoons is about right for my dishwasher--you may need to experiment. This should keep the sudsing to a minimal level. You'll know it's the right amount if after the cycle is offer, all suds are gone. Your dishes will be sparkling and your expense will be minimal.
  • Buying in bulk goes without saying, but if you don't live near a membership warehouse, you can buy at great prices from BulkFoods.com.

Grooming & Beauty

  • Instead of buying leave-in conditioner, use a small amount of the conditioner you already have and work it into your wet hair, mostly on the ends. This works exactly the same as leave-in conditioner. Just don't use too much to avoid an oily look.
  • Instead of buying pricey department store cosmetics, check to see if your favorite brands are available for cheap on eBay (mine include M.A.C. and Jane Iredale and are easy to find on eBay).
  • Also, check EyesLipsFace.com for a cheap make-up fix. Right now they are liquidating stock and selling almost everything for $1.00 each. This is not Wet 'n Wild, this is good quality make-up at giveaway pricing.
  • Don't throw away used-up tubes of lipstick. Use a needle to scoop the remaining amount out of the tube and into an empty, closable container. Put the container with the salvaged lipstick chunks in the microwave for 30 seconds or so in order to melt the chunks down into a smooth consistency. When it cools, it will harden back and be easily portable.

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