Apr 10, 2009

Happy Easter and What Do You Believe in Anyway?

My friend, Dal, the golfer/philosophizer sent an essay from a writer who scourged the Islamic faith, making it sound as though Islamism is not a religion and that it's a total-mind-warp-cult with impossibly incontrovertible calls to violence.

Here's the anti-Islamic religion essay, if you are interested.

Honestly, I cannot say whether I think the writer’s right or not based on facts. I don’t have enough knowledge of Islamic beliefs. I’d rather not believe it’s true, and I suspect she’s lumping all Islamic believers in one basket—extremists and moderates alike—then basing her assumptions on the beliefs of the extremists without admitting it. Also, several, if not many of the damning tenets of Islamic faith she listed could be argued to be true of other religions, like Judaism or Christianity. How does one draw the line? If what she claims is really true, then what? Everyone else on the planet declare jihad against all Islamic peoples? I find such extremism as hers scary. But again, I don’t know enough facts to argue with much more than faith, flavored by intuition and dosed with conjecture. Perhaps a bit like the religious of any belief system.

Recently Newsweek published a cover article, Learning to Live with Radical Islam, by Fareed Zakaria, putting the American knee-jerk condemnation-via-ignorance of all things Islam in it's rightful place.

On religion, I’m leaning toward Buddhism, which, thank the gods, is a non-religion. A philosophy. And how about Sufism, with it’s mysticism? A new friend of mine admitted he is an “ignostic.” I had to look it up and am still not sure what it is. We plan to raise our five-year-old as a compassionate agnostic who practices yoga religiously. But she can certainly choose as she likes.

Compassion and do unto others and love. That’s what I believe in. How about you?

Happy Easter, anyway.

[Photo above: our Easter egg collection this year. Splendid, don't you think. I slept through the decorating party last night. Recovering from a head cold. Ugh.]

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