Apr 3, 2009

Michelle Obama vs. Carla Bruni Sarkosy: The Fashion Face-off

They are both utterly gorgeous and chic to the bone. Only I would say, Ms. Obama edges out Ms. Bruni-Sarkosy in this instance only because Ms. Bruni-Sarkosy chose a subdued color and style for this meeting. If anything, you could say this is not the best look for Ms. Bruni-Sarkosy. She has looked fabulous in nearly everything else she has worn. I admire that she was so . . . restrained. Restrained is cool. But for sheer glory and punch, Ms. Obama looked both regal and fun. The long jacket is cool, but when she takes it OFF to reveal the FABULOUS opposite color scheme matching sheath underneath, I think I swooned. A brilliant ensemble, don't you think?

What I don't understand, though, is why Ms. Obama wore such a drop-dead amazingly wonderful outfit this time, and wore a dead-dull outfit when she met HRH Queen Elizabeth II? Oh, well--if nothing else, it's a delight for the fashion-conscious like me to keep our eyes on Ms. Obama. All she really has to do is take off her jacket and reveal those fabulous arms. She's an amazing woman in many ways.

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