Apr 4, 2009

One Small Step for Iowa: One Giant Step for Amerikind

Corn and great basketball teams. Caucuses and severe winters. And now, the right for all legal-aged couples who are not related to each other to get married, if they so desire.

My sister, who lives in Iowa, reports there are more than 1,000 privileges that married people get that she and her partner could not get—until now. Until April 24, to be exact, when she and her partner, who have been together for at least a decade, will have their union sanctioned by the state. Luckily, my sister's employer is savvy enough to have provided domestic partner health care, which has to be one of the biggies on the list of 1,000 married couple privileges.

Iowa is now only the third state to make this move. The Iowa Supreme Court hammered the nail in the coffin of the haters this past Friday with a ruling that overturned the gay-marriage ban. Now listen up, California Supreme Court. If ever there were a state that needs gay marriage it is California. I feel certain the people would prefer gay marriage as a whole, and that the Prop 8 ruling that barely squeaked by last November was the result of a well-funded extremely determined effort on the part of the haters to tell whatever outrageous lies they could to get the electorate confwoosed enough to doubt that gay marriage could be a healthy part of our lives. Pathetic, huh? Hopefully heartland state Iowa will make Californians feel like a provincial backwater by comparison and get on with the sensible act of ridding the state of this ridiculously unconstitutional ruling.

Gay marriage is good for everyone. Security for same-sex partners, economy-boosting for the state, what's not to love? Thank you, Iowa, for boldly setting a good precedent. Maybe cool trends will start coming from the Midwest instead of the West from now on?

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