Jun 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson, Age 50

This just in:
Michael Jackson has been reported dead--by TMZ, and now other media sources, although most news outlets are still reporting that he was hospitalized due to cardiac failure.

Jackson had been in poor health lately. (Who ever gets real details about him? He's always shrouded in secrecy). But his upcoming tour sold out within hours of tickets going on sale, so he still had a lot of fan support.

So strange. Not that I was a fan of Michael Jackson's, but he's been so much a part of the cultural zeitgeist for my entire life, it seems weird for him not to be around any more. Only 50 years old--and he lived for a while just north of Santa Barbara, in Santa Ynez. A colleague of my husband's was hired to design the landscape at his Neverland estate. She later resigned because she said he was too crazy.

Crazy. Sad. However you see it, RIP, Michael. Hope you are in a happier place now.

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