Oct 28, 2009

My Junior-Senior Prom Date is Running for Congress!

Yes, it's true. I was a young gal once. I went to the Junior-Senior prom once (in 1979). I had a date--someone I never before or since went out with. He was a wonderful date--gentlemanly, solicitious--laughed at all my jokes. He was also our class president and well-loved by all. A real mensch. He ran for and succeeded as mayor of a small town near where we grew up--Hendersonville, North Carolina. Recently, he quit his post as mayor to, uh-huh, run for the US Congress. Too cool. Greg Newman for President, anyone? He's a good guy--I can vouch for that (despite his being a Republican).

P.S. I made my dress. It cost about $20 and I got the materials at the local Piece Goods Shop. Prom dresses were so subdued back then compared to now (sequined mini-skirts, anyone?).

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