Jan 11, 2010

Tumerica Changes Tactics for 2010, Resolutions and All

After YEARS of posting my heart out on this blog--mostly to channel my rage at the horrors of the Bush administration--well, I've decided to take a new swerve. I'm going to post on personal and other topics, most of which will probably not be political (although you never know).

For 2010, my resolutions are already underway.

  1. To revamp and redo the home office. Check. Or mostly check, anyway--still have some cobwebs to straighten out.
  2. Revamp and redo Jaclyn (our six-year-old)'s bedroom. Hubs did some sorting, but we're still hunting for a loft bed to replace the icky futon bed in there (it's so college dorm room).
  3. Learn how to use QuickBooks and get our home business in good shape, accounting-wise--haven't done this yet. Ugh!
  4. Learn AutoCAD and be able to earn money for our home business doing landscape drafting. Signed up for a course--it starts this week.
  5. Exercise more assiduously. Check. I've started running again. I need to do daily yoga practice, no matter where I am, and go to classes when possible. Also started biking again--with the whole family, now that Jaclyn has a tandem bike trailer that attaches to hubby's bike. Cool, huh?
  6. Learn more about cooking. Better sushi. More confident roasted meats and fish. More vegetarian dishes. More breads.

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