Mar 22, 2011

Writing Samples

Here are some of the articles I've written for a non-technical audience:

Informational Articles

· How Many Calories Are Burned with Yoga?

· About the Lemon Cleansing Diet

· Nine Creativity Blockers & How to Release Them

· Lose Weight & Feel Great: What a High-Protein Diet Can Do for You

· Summertime and the Living is Not So Easy for Rosacea Sufferers

· Signs and Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infections

· How to Help a Young Child Cope with a Tonsillectomy

· How to Love Your Curly Hair and Encourage Natural Ringlets

· How to Teach Preschool Children Where Babies Come From

· How to Get Rid of Cracked and Callused Feet

· How to Improve Liver Function

· Fat-burning Thai Foods

· From Collagen to Fibroblasts: The Changing Face of Dermal Fillers

· Does ExtenZe Work for Teenagers? (For a target audience of teen males)

· How to Get the Contraceptive Pill (For a target audience of teen females)

Marketing Writing

· Bubblicious Comes to Your Home with SodaStream Soda Fountain

· FiveFingers: Downside, Upside, and Objections Overruled

· Moisturizer for People Who Hate Moisturizers, or How to Turn Your Skin Peachy Smooth Overnight

· Firm Your Butt, Tone Your Thighs, Smooth That Cellulite—all with a Shoe?

Book Reviews

· How to Become a Fulltime Freelance Writer

· Design for Interaction

· Graphic Designer's Digital Printing and Prepress Handbook

· Rewrite Right!: Your Guide to Perfectly Polished Prose

· Designing a Digital Portfolio

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