Jun 6, 2011

Non-religious Nations Have Higher Quality of Life, Shows New Study

Non-religious nations have higher quality of life

Definitely holds true for my second home, Japan. Safe, well-organized, peaceful, the Japanese are super-technologically savvy (far ahead of the US), have socialized medicine, and are generally, less, well, dysfunctional. That being said, I love American sense of humor far, far better (we can make fun of ourselves--whoo-hoo!) Also love our green spaces and free (rather than paid) parks and libraries. But yes, that non-religious nations have a better quality of life I find unsurprising. Not being religious frees up the mind from the idea that we are somehow not responsible for the bad stuff we do because of a higher calling. My mantra: today's religions are tomorrow's mythology. Fun to study, but wouldn't want to be subjected to it for real.

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