Jun 8, 2016

Brock Turner and the Inflatable Doll Culture

Brock Turner was not seeing his victim as a human at all. She was his inflatable doll. Sick and wrong to treat any living, breathing person like he treated her. And then Turner's dad chimes in with that fanatically sexist 20-minutes-of-action comment. I just thought, it took Martin Luther King's assassin one minute to kill him. Did that make him innocent? 20 minutes my butt! Perpetuating the rape culture and perpetuating the women-as-objects culture? That's what the Brock Turners of this world and their sexist fathers are doing. How does their daughter feel about the whole incident? Will she go out into the world and be the victim of sexual abuse and the abuser gets away with it because, well, it was only 20 minutes of action--out of a whole lifetime.

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